In a few words

sE is a family-owned business, and we take pride in every product that leaves our factory. In just over 20 years of designing and building microphones, we have established ourselves as makers of precision tools for artists, by artists. The sE Team operates on a no-compromises philosophy, maximizing performance at every price point. The reputation we’ve built only reinforces our commitment to leading the industry in innovation.

How it began

Our founder, Siwei Zou, studied Composition at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, becoming a successful conductor and composer. He is also an accomplished bassoon player! Visiting California on a scholarship, Siwei then found an opportunity to merge his musical knowledge with his love for design. He began building condenser microphones under his own brand name, “sE” which is a homage to the art of sound engineering. It wasn't long before sE Electronics opened its very own production facility in the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Shanghai. Unlike many other companies in the region, sE runs its own design, engineering, and production teams. Every step of creation is carried out under the watchful eye of our team, in close cooperation with our valued artists.

Connecting with the industry

The steadily growing family of sE Artists is our most cherished asset. Their input on yet-to-exist products, as well as ongoing improvements to our current line, keeps us on the cutting edge. Our well-respected network of dealers and distributors around the globe put the products in your hands, and provide first-class customer support. Last but not least, we wouldn't be where we are today without our team of talented, passionate employees.

sE today

In 2008, Siwei handed over the day-to-day operations to his daughter Ling. While hyperactive Siwei keeps busy traveling for projects and guest-lecturing music students, Ling continues to lead the charge today. She is overseeing the vast network that makes sE’s worldwide reach possible.