Dynamite Technology

Explosive sound. Impressively compact.

Whether it's a passive microphone that needs more gain or a buzzing electric guitar signal that could use a ground lift, Dynamite technology is a resource for artists, engineers, podcasters and content creators to achieve professional sound quality free of coloration.

Increased Headroom & Explosive Gain

Vintage Gear & Dynamic or Passive Ribbon Microphones

In many applications, such as recording a vintage guitar with low-output pickups, tracking speech with a dynamic microphone, or capturing room tone/ambience with a passive ribbon microphone, the output signal is often very low.

Therefore, you need to apply a lot of gain to your device (audio interface, DI box, mixer, preamp or stage box). Unfortunately, this also increases unwanted side effects such as noise, coloration, limited bandwidth, and increased distortion due to limited headroom. Our Dynamite technology enables you to boost (or buffer) the signal before it hits your device with up to 30 dB of clean, distortion-free gain affordably.

Coloration-Free Sound Without Any Drag

Get the Best Out of Your Microphones, Pickups & Instruments

Another aspect is preserving the pristine sound character of your precious instrument or vintage microphone. Some devices (audio interface, DI box, mixer, preamp or stage box) affect the sound of the source because they add some load to it.

For example, passive pickups tend to lose their character or sound muffled, while dynamic mics can lose output level and important bass or high frequencies. Piezo transducers tend to lose their low-end and their output level is much lower.

Electronic Design Makes the Difference

Ensure Consistent Audio Quality That’s True to Your Tone

Most line/instrument inputs have an input impedance of 10,000 to 220,000 ohms. With some inputs having up to 1,000,000 ohms. Our products with integrated Dynamite technology offer up to 10,000,000 ohms which results in up to 1,000 times less load on your precious instrument.

With clean, distortion-free gain of up to 30 dB, our Dynamite technology enables you to preserve the pristine sound character of your source without any load, so you achieve the best sound possible.



The DM1 DYNAMITE is an ultra-slim active inline preamp that fits seamlessly between your mic and mic pre, providing an impressive +28dB of clean, transparent gain for all your passive microphones. Now also available in a matte-black finish.

More about the DM1 >


Choose between a moderate +15dB or massive +30dB of gain with an ultra-high impedance input and eight load settings to perfectly match any passive microphone. Now also available in a matte-black finish.

More about the DM2 TNT >


An active, inline DI with a quarter-inch Ultra-HiZ input featuring a unique "on+" setting, efficiently reducing not only unwanted buzz and hum but also hiss and undesirable radio frequency interference noise. In many ways, the DM3 will prove to be your key to great sound! Now also available in a matte-black finish.

More about the DM3 >
Dynamic studio microphone

DynaCaster DCM8

The all-in-one front-addressed dynamic studio mic with game-changing V SERIES capsule technology, now turbo-charged with DYNAMITE. Built like a Tank. All-Metal. Vastly Compatible. The DynaCaster: Galactic performance with down-to-earth prices.

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Dynamic studio microphone

DynaCaster DCM6

The latest addition to the DynaCaster family, the DCM6 front-addressed active cardioid dynamic studio microphone. From recording your next song to building a community on your favorite platform, the DCM6 is integrated with Dynamite technology for an extra 30dB of clean, transparent gain to make your time creating effortless.

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  • “The DM3 has everything you would want from a traditional DI but in a sleek and tight package. Packs the punch you want from an active DI, along with the options to pad and ground lift. The ¼ inch locking mechanism makes it easy to set, forget and get to mixing.”

    — Joseph “JoJo” Kobylecky, FOH Engineer (Old Crow Medicine Show)
  • “An incredible tool for any tour or any session, this incredible DI will knockout any of the heavyweights”

    — Alberto Vaz, Sheryl Crow (MON & Studio Engineer)
  • "Given its price, the sE DynaCaster turns out to be a strong performer with plenty of applications outside of podcasting."

    — Paul White, SOS
  • "This is not just a microphone for the recording studio, it’s a great fit for podcasting, livestreaming and gaming applications too. The DynaCaster is a plug and play microphone that brings your sound to life even before you get it into your recording."