MON Engineer

Patrick „Paddi“ Krause is a sound engineer from Hamburg, Germany, where he studied events engineering & technology. With a career spanning over 15 years, including working at the Hamburg Opera House, he now specializes in mixing monitors and has worked with legendary international bands such as In Flames, Toto, Deep Purple, Alter Bridge & KoRn.

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My love for sE mics started back in 2013 when I was touring with In Flames for the first time. Back then, we were using 2200s, sE5, VR1… I really liked all the tones we were getting. Natural, great transients, etc. We’ve updated mics over the years to newer models but never replaced an sE mic with another brand.

In fact, when the V SERIES were launched, we were sold immediately and ordered the mics without even testing them. Because we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed.

But here’s the really important part of all of that: The support. Equally as important as quality and sound is the level of support I am getting from a supplier when I am out on the road. The guys and girls at sE Electronics are such reliable partners and a key part of a successful tour.