Rupert Neve Signature Series

Pristine sonic character & uncompromising performance

"I have long had intentions of working on a project like this. After looking closely at the manufacturing techniques, build quality, and work ethic of countless companies, sE became the obvious choice as a partner for the development of these microphones, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results."

— Rupert Neve (Rupert Neve Designs)

Premium Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser


The flagship tube microphone delivering the pristine, musical sonic character & uncompromising performance of the world's most prized recording equipment. The RNT is the third microphone in the collaboration between sE Electronics and Rupert Neve Designs, founded by the legendary audio designer Mr. Rupert Neve.

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Small-Diaphragm Condenser


The second model to be launched within the RN Signature Series, the RN17 is a condenser mic with an extraordinarily small diaphragm that provides an intensely immediate transient response. A diaphragm of this size will react to even the most delicate of high frequencies with great speed and accuracy.

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High-Frequency Active Ribbon


Siwei and Rupert first met in 2004 and that's when they started exchanging ideas. Soon, their first brainchild started to take shape and their collaboration on an "impossible" microphone began: an active ribbon mic with high-frequency response extending to an unprecedented 25kHz. Using two of Rupert's custom transformers and highly specialized circuitry, the RNR1 captures more of your soundscape than any other ribbon in the world.

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sE artists

Artists putting the RNT on the map from studios across the globe.