Recording / Mixing Engineer, Producer

Caleb Fisher is a Nashville based recording engineer, mixer, and producer.

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In addition to working with renowned artists in his world-class studio, Caleb is currently on tour with Ben Rector, Cory Wong (Vulfpeck) and the country duo, Sugarland as Stage Manager and Drum Tech.

  • "I cannot begin to express how much I rely on the V7 X and the V KICK to get 'my sound' in both studio and on stage."

    — Caleb Fisher (Recording / Mixing Engineer)
  • "I cannot record a drum set without my ‘go-to’ sE mics. Specifically the V7 X on snare top and bottom, with the V KICK on kick drum. It wouldn’t be my sound without them."

    — Caleb Fisher (Recording / Mixing Engineer)
  • "My tracking tips with my sE mics is this... Put them in front of every sound source to get the best captured sound. Plain and simple."

    — Caleb Fisher (Recording / Mixing Engineer)