Producer, Recording / Mixing Engineer

I am a Producer/Engineer from one of the most musical cities of the Netherlands: Tilburg

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I picked up the guitar at age 9 and started recording at age 17, which led to an interesting musical career both on stage and behind. Nowadays I focus mostly on producing and recording heavy guitar-oriented bands, and help them to get the best out of their talents.

I have been using my sE Electronics mics for all my productions so far. sE microphones have a certain vibe that makes them sit perfectly in a mix without having to process a lot…I love them because they help me achieve the sounds I’m looking for, and best of all: they are affordable!

sE makes products which can compete with a lot of  ’boutique’ microphones I have worked with, I even preferred my sE over others in most occasions. They are the only affordable microphones I find in every high-end studio’s mic locker I have worked with


"I have tried almost all of the sE microphones that are available, and there isn't one amongst them I wouldn't be happy to use."

— Daan Janzing (Producer, Recording / Mixing Engineer)