An instant vocal booth for any home studio

Using the same design technology as the industry-standard Reflexion Filter PRO, the RF-X was conceived to answer the needs of the discerning recording artist working on a budget



Using the same design technology as the industry-standard Reflexion Filter PRO, the RF-X was conceived to answer the needs of the discerning recording artist working on a budget

Recommended Use

Vocals, acoustic guitar, drums

Proven four-layer acoustic filter design
Multi-layer to ensure almost zero sound coloration
Capture a great-sounding recording anywhere
Just like the RF Pro and RF SPACE, each RF-X is assembled by hand in the sE factory
Now available in multiple finishes
Included in the X1 S Studio Bundle
Provides stellar performance and ease-of-use
Lightweight vented body and efficient, redesigned clamp assembly

Inside the RF-X

  • RFX-Group-aspect-ratio-545-390

    How it Works

    When you put a microphone in front of you, it doesn’t just hear you – it hears the room around you. Even if it’s a cardioid mic and is listening mostly to just you, it’s still picking up reflections from your voice or instrument that are bouncing off the walls and coming back to the mic. The goal of our multi-layered design is to minimize the pickup of such reflections so your primary sound source comes through as pure as possible.

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    Multi-Layer Technology

    New materials have been developed to make the RF-X lighter than its predecessors but also to maintain its durability – helping to position the RF-X as a versatile product suited for any challenging working environment. It features a four-layer acoustic filter design comprised of the outer vented composite panel, a wool fabric layer, an air gap layer and an inner acoustic foam layer. Evenly filtering frequencies across the whole spectrum, ensuring that recordings exhibit almost zero sound coloration when using the filter.

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    Easy to Mount Hardware

    The RF-X mounting hardware provides full control over the distance and height of the microphone in relation to the filter for maximum flexibility. The added control means that your RF-X can be positioned perfectly to help provide a “dry” sound when recording any source – vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, amplifiers, drums, room mics, strings, and countless other instruments.

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    Hand-made in Our Own Factory

    Just like our microphones, each Reflexion Filter is hand-made with highest attention to detail in our very own factory. So why not just put some cardboard or foam behind the mic? Well, Some materials are good at absorbing or reflecting particular frequencies – for example, foam absorbs highs really well, but does nothing for lows. sE Reflexion Filters work evenly across the whole frequency spectrum.


What's in the box
Mounting bracket
Mic stand thread adapter


  • "This is exactly the kind of tool that, once you have it, you’ll use it over and over!"

    — Neal Cappellino, GRAMMY®-winning producer/engineer (Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, Alison Krauss & Union Station) - sE Artist
  • "With working in many different situations these days, the RFX can transform any setting into a viable recording environment!"

    — Lenise Bent, Producer / Engineer (Blondie, Steely Dan, Supertramp, The Band, Fleetwood Mac)
  • "The Reflexion Filter makes a huge difference in small recording spaces that are more and more the norm..."

    — Andy Bradfield, Producer (David Bowie, David Gray, Rufus Wainwright)
  • "The Reflexion Filter has made a big impact on the quality of our home recordings. Never again will an amazing vocal take be marred by intermittent meowing or the sound of the fridge!"

    — Tegan and Sara, pop musicians - sE Artist
  • "The RF-X does a great job of dampening room reflections, providing a dry vocal sound to effectively apply audio effects while mixing."

    — MusicTech Magazine, July 2017
  • "Trust me, they will change your recording process for the better."

    — Ricky Lawson, Drummer (Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston)
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How do I set up my Reflexion Filter?

Do you offer an instruction manual or video guide? Video setup guides are located on the individual product pages for the RF-X, Reflexion Filter Pro, and RF Space, and all RF products (including the guitaRF®) have downloadable PDF setup guides as well. If you require further assistance with setting up your Reflexion Filter, please fill out our Support Request form and we will help you as best we can.

Will my Reflexion Filter® work on a boom stand?

All of our Reflexion Filters are designed to work best with conventional (vertical) microphone stands. It is entirely possible to utilize them on a very sturdy boom stand, but great care must be taken to ensure proper balance and counterweighting, as the weight of the filter plus a microphone (especially an expensive microphone!) can be quite heavy. If a boom stand mount is necessary, we recommend securely attaching the filter to the boom arm first, making sure the whole assembly is extremely solidly positioned, and then attaching the microphone afterwards. We can assume no responsibility for damaged microphones if the boom arm decides to tilt down or around due to the extra weight put upon it, so please be careful!

My Reflexion Filter doesn’t seem balanced when I mount it on a stand. Please help!

When setting up your Reflexion Filter, the most important thing is to maintain the center of gravity. This means adjusting the position of the filter appropriately so that the combined weight of the filter and microphone is centered directly above the mic stand, not off to one side. Also check to make sure that all screws are tightened sufficiently to prevent slipping or movement of any parts.