Recording / Mixing Engineer

Daniel Zarate has been involved in music and audio all his life. He began studying piano as a child and at the end of high school he realized he wanted to study recording engineering. When he finished his university studies he decided to build in his home country, Colombia, a recording studio which was affordable in cost and offered excellent sound quality and high end equipment.

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This is how Mix Factory was born. He has worked since 2010 with different genres such as rock, pop, salsa, merengue, jazz, gospel music, vallenato and music for films and television.

Daniel has specialized in recording drums and for this he has been nominated 5 times for a Latin Grammy with Gilberto Daza, Majida Issa, Silvestre Dangond, Gusi and Martina la Peligrosa. He has participated as recording engineer in documentaries such as “El Sendero de la Anaconda” that have been awarded the “Theodore Monod Award”. His love for music and high quality sound has characterized his recording studio for more than a decade.

He currently works at the same time as FOH engineer and had the opportunity to work for artists such as Julio Melgar, Luis Campos, Juan Guillermo Villareal, also in the biggest festivals in his country such as “Jazz al parque”, “Hip Hop al parque”, “Festival de Jazz de Mompox” and “Fiestas del Mar in Santa Marta.”

  • "The sound of these microphones avoids having to use drastic EQ techniques and they have excellent off-axis rejection."

    — Daniel Zarate (Recording / Mixing Engineer)
  • "I like to use the sE8s for excellent drum imaging, wide stereo sound and detailed brightness, they don't have the harsh characteristics of conventional mics and I never lose the natural sound of the toms and the snare."

    — Daniel Zarate (Recording / Mixing Engineer)
  • "I love that sE offers a very high end microphone at a very affordable price. The materials are sturdy, durable and it is evident the craftsmanship that's been put into them. The V PACK ARENA is the most complete microphone kit on the market. I like that the sonic characteristics of the microphones are modern with excellent performance for recording studios and concerts."

    — Daniel Zarate (Recording / Mixing Engineer)