Carlos Palmet

Drummer, percussionist, engineer, producer and composer

From a very young age Carlos had an interest in drumming thanks to the influence of his grandfather, the great guitarist Sofronín Martínez Heredia. He began drumming and music theory lessons at the School of Fine Arts in his hometown.

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In 1998 Carlos moved with his parents to the city of Barranquilla and there he also began music studies at the Universidad del Atlántico in the Faculty of Fine Arts. In June 1999 he traveled to Cuba and took a percussion workshop at the National School of Arts.

In 2004 he moved to Bogotá where he began to establish himself as a drummer and music producer. In 2010, he decided to move to Miami, Florida to grow as an artist and have the opportunity to play with other various artists. He has been nominated thirteen (13) times for the Latin Grammy Awards in different categories. In the years 2014 and 2016 he won a Latin Grammy award as recording engineer and musician for different artist projects.

In 2018 he received from the Ministry of the Interior of Colombia, the Afro recognition “Leaders who Transcend Borders”. He built his own recording studio, called “So Angel Rec” in Miami, Florida, where he has specialized in recording drums and percussion for great performers and producers such as Fonseca, Mojito Lite, Jorge Villamizar, Pipe Pelaez, Martin Elias, Locos por Juana , Milton Salcedo, Papayo, Norlan Diaz. Carlos has also worked as a drummer for artists such as: J Balvin, Neyo, Jennifer Lopez, Leona Lewis, Travis Barker, Robin Thicke, Joe Perry, Enrique Iglesias, Fonseca, Jorge Villamizar, Fanny Lu, Gusi y Beto, Locos por Juana, Cabas , Paulina Rubio, Luis Fonsi, Fonseca, Reik, Aleks Syntek, Pernett and The Caribbean Ravers, Santiago Cruz, Armando Manzanero, Karoll Márquez and many others.

Carlos currently works as a drummer for Pitbull. He has had the opportunity to represent Colombia and showcase his talent at many festivals and events around the world.

  • "The RN17s are the magic in my sound. The world opened in my ears with these in my mix!"

    — Carlos Manuel Palmet Martínez
  • "The secret weapons in my arsenal for this tour are my sE mics - my drums have come to life!"

    — Carlos Manuel Palmet Martínez