Drummer, Content Creator, Educator

Alex Kasiarum’s musical career began in 2003. After getting a job as a drummer in the famous heavy metal band Conqest, with whom the “Frozen Sky” album was recorded in 2005. Several major concerts were performed in its support. In 2007 Alex became a member of the Joncofy band, which shared the stage with After the Burial, Monuments, Tesseract, Hactivist, Vildhjarta, Skyharbor, Jeff Loomis, Scar Symmetry and many others.

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Alex has also worked with bands and projects such as Infected, “Бодя Ураган,” Beyond The Pleasure, ROBAR (international project). Since 2010 Alex is actively engaged in studio and live session work. Since opening his drum recording studio Alex has recorded tracks for bands from Russia, France, USA, as well as for many Ukrainian bands and performers, in totally diverse styles, from funk to black metal. Alex has worked and currently works with such popular bands as The Hardkiss (pop rock), DETACH (rock metal), Flying (metal), Beyond The Pleasure (metal), Мачете, solo artist Nikita Rubchenko (rock, metal, folk music), and many others.

  • "sE mics give me the ability to hear my kit on a record, the same as I hear it live, and this is a huge plus for working both in the studio and live on stage."

    — Alex Kasiarum (Drummer, Content Creator, Educator)
  • "With the 4400a, I rediscovered the sound of my cymbals and drums in general. Deep, rich, and smooth across all frequencies, these are the perfect studio overheads."

    — Alex Kasiarum (Drummer, Content Creator, Educator)
  • "I just fell in love with the look and form factor of V BEAT and V KICK!"

    — Alex Kasiarum (Drummer, Content Creator, Educator)