Recording / Mixing Engineer, Guitarist, Songwriter

Alex graduated from SAE Vienna in 2004 and launched his own studio in 2007

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Since then, he has helped about 180 projects see the light of day by either recording, mixing or mastering. As a singer and guitarist, Alex is also on the road with his own band called Lausch.

  • "Touring with the sE8 on overheads, we were very pleased with the out of the box good-to-go sound after setting these babies up. No harshness in our IEMs, even at very close distances. And it's so well built - perfect for the road. We also recorded a few shows and in the studio, and I was pretty surprised how detailed everything sounded."

    — Alexander Lausch (Recording / Mixing Engineer, Guitarist)
  • "I love the VR1 on guitar cabs. It sounds so natural and finished at the same time. It's good to see the clients smile after setting up the mic and letting them play through the chain. The VR1 is also a killer weapon as a kit mic on drums."

    — Alexander Lausch (Recording / Mixing Engineer, Guitarist)
  • "My first sE gear was the classic Reflexion Filter. Back in the days, it saved my life in countless bedroom and rehearsal room situations on vocals, guitars etc. Today, I still love the Reflexion Filter on the bass drum out mic being set up to block the cymbals coming from the top. It works every time."

    — Alexander Lausch (Recording / Mixing Engineer, Guitarist)