Composer, Producer, Guitarist, Hans Zimmer

El Amir is a "Musician On a Mission,” Composer/ Producer/Arranger, multi-instrumentalist, multi-ethnic and international artist

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El Amir is one of the most recognized flamenco guitar players worldwide. El Amir is Hans Zimmer’s guitar soloist and has recorded on soundtracks such as “The Rhythm Section” & “James Bond No Time To Die.”

He has collaborated and shared the stage with renowned artists such as Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Juno Reactor Radio Tarifa, Chambao and many others. He has performed at renowned venues such as Wembley Arena, Royal Albert Hall, Roskilde Festival, Town Hall New York, Machida Hall Tokyo, and many other notable venues. El Amir is a Latin Grammy Nominee (Radio Tarifa 2004, Chambao 2012) and a Global Music Award Silver Medalist 2020.

  • "The sE4400a is a carefully handmade large-diaphragm condenser mic based on modern technology with a touch of vintage. The design is very solid and the way it reacts to the sound of my acoustic instruments is amazing. The warmth, dynamics and the precision in capturing sound is overwhelming. Definitely a must in any recording situation. It enhances my playing and inspires my creativity."

    — El Amir (Composer, Producer, Guitarist, Hans Zimmer)
  • “Both mics the sE8 and the sE4400a are great mics for recording any type of acoustic instrument. A good option is to try and use them both next to each other and record two guitar signals at once. For this I would leave the sE8 more or less at the bottom of the sE4400a that way the sE8 captures more mid and high range and the sE4400a captures the rounder low end (and of course everything else too)."

    — El Amir (Composer, Producer, Guitarist, Hans Zimmer)
  • " So far I haven’t had the need to neither attenuate nor apply the pass filter options. Again, there are many many ways of setting mic positions depending on what sound and style you are looking for.”

    — El Amir (Composer, Producer, Guitarist, Hans Zimmer)