Drummer, Technician, Educator

Andwele Simons was born in the sunny island of Bermuda. From a young age, he's always shown an interest in drums. His Parents Jacqueline & Andrei nurtured his natural talent, and from the age of 2 his father Andrei would take him to band rehearsals early to let him play the drums. As a child, Andwele was also a heritage member of the John Warner Bermuda Gombey Troup as a dancer & drummer.

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First performing at his high school band concert, Andwele quickly created his own band with his younger Brother, Jacqui and childhood best friend Desta. At 17, Andwele founded his drum academy, where he tutored and groomed many drummers for their music careers, many of which attended the Berkley College of Music.

Known for his solid feel, grooves & clean drum sound, Andwele has occupied the drum throne for renowned acts such as The Spinners, Reggae Artist Etana the Strong One, Sia Spense, McCartney Darrel, The Wallstreet Band and many more. In addition, he was the MD for the Bermuda Idol and drum tech for legendary drummers.

Before leaving for Nova Scotia, Canada, Andwele began an ongoing duo collaboration with DJ Ko Minors called “O32” playing Afro Beat & Afro House rhythms.

From his home studio, Andwele records content for his online platforms and artist worldwide with a lifelong goal to be a positive, motivational force in the music industry.

  • “PEACE AND LOVE LOUDLY! Be a postive force in the world! We are surrounded by negativity, it takes real courage to stand out and light up the lives of those around you. I try to live by this saying to the best of my ability! Peace is the goal and we all need love! So I wish it to you ALL LOUDLY!”

    — Andwele “Aundie“ Simons (Drummer, Technician, Educator)
  • “Take pride in your tone and feel… it’s your identity. My dream is that one day, people will recognize my music without seeing me play… like Hey!!! That’s Andwele on drums there!!!”

    — Andwele “Aundie“ Simons (Drummer, Technician, Educator)
  • “Be An eternal Student! Always be a student of your craft. This will prevent you from becoming puffed up, and it will make room for many opportunities!”

    — Andwele “Aundie“ Simons (Drummer, Technician, Educator)