Producer, Songwriter, Lyricist

Brainpower is a multi-platinum selling, pioneering bilingual Artist/Songwriter, Lyricist and Producer from Amsterdam

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Aside from being an established artist, who pushed the envelope for Hip Hop in Holland, Belgium & the Dutch Caribbean, receiving numerous plaques and awards (including an MTV Europe Music Award for Best Dutch Act), he is known as a true audio perfectionist and a serious microphone enthusiast. Having played over 3000 shows he is a seasoned performer, who feels at home on stage.

  • "I fell in love with the warmth of the V7 dynamic microphone. It is a well designed, lightweight mic, with a steady grip and it feels super comfortable."

    — Brainpower (Producer, Songwriter, Lyricist)
  • "I really, really dig the overall vibe of this microphone…it is one of those mics that I just always wanna have in my bag…"

    — Brainpower (Producer, Songwriter, Lyricist)
  • "There are many mics I use and love. Recently, I finally got around to adding a Gemini II to my collection and I am really happy with it."

    — Brainpower (Producer, Songwriter, Lyricist)