Cameron Carbone

Drummer, Educator

Cameron Carbone is a professional touring/studio drummer and world-class educator from Dallas, TX.

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Since receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Texas Christian University, Cameron has taught for over 11,000 total hours to 500+ students from all over the world and has amassed over 50,000 followers/subscribers on varying social media platforms. Cameron is known for his drumming in the instrumental, progressive-metal band Altermind (for fans of Animals As Leaders, Intervals, and Periphery) and his drum education platform Paragon Drums with Clay Aeschliman of Polyphia.



  • “Straight out of the box, I noticed versatility, warmth, and the clearest articulation I’ve ever heard from a set of mics. They’re making a huge difference when it comes to ease of recording and mixing. I’m incredibly grateful to be part of this growing family of artists.”

    — Cameron Carbone
  • “The VR2’s are the first set of ribbon mics I’ve ever used as overheads and I couldn’t be happier with them. There’s nothing quite like hearing your ideal drum sound in your head and having the microphone set to accomplish that goal effortlessly. So much warmth and tone!”

    — Cameron Carbone
  • “The V7 X and V BEATS make my snare and toms sound incredibly crisp - almost as if you were at my studio listening to my drums in person! They’re perfect for the heavier genres of music I tend to play.”

    — Cameron Carbone