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Founded in 2007, Catfish and the Bottlemen have risen with astonishing speed into the rock world

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Their first album landed at number 10 on the UK chart and number 13 on the US Rock chart, and they’ve already performed at such acclaimed venues as Reading & Leeds, Latitude, Governor’s Ball, and on the Late Show with David Letterman.

  • "I've been using ribbon microphones on guitars for some time, and due to the nature of my ribbon microphone of choice, I've always end up picking up a lot of unwanted stage noise from its figure of eight pattern.”

    — Catfish and the Bottlemen
  • “The guitaRF looked like a perfect contender for the job. Small, touring-friendly and I could even double-mic my guitar cabs too…winner! The design is lightweight yet extremely robust; it can be dismantled for touring with ease and does the job to absolute perfection.”

    — Catfish and the Bottlemen
  • "In the past I’ve had trouble getting the guitars sitting nicely on top of the mix due to the stage noise, but with these filters I can get the boys’ guitars screaming over any PA without worry of feedback or unwanted stage noise coming from out front.

    — Catfish and the Bottlemen
  • "The beauty of having the rubber grommet in the center of the filter means I can keep both my microphones in the same position, knowing they won’t move or be aligned slightly out of phase, ever!”

    — Catfish and the Bottlemen
  • “All in all, sE have created something for the live market that should be in practice for every touring band. I mean, why wouldn't you want studio sound quality in an entirely live sound environment?”

    — Catfish and the Bottlemen
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