Studio / Live Sound Engineer, Producer

Dani G. is a studio and live sound engineer, and producer based in Spain

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Dani has worked with artists across multiple genres from classical to metal, including renowned artists such as Monica Naranjo, Rage, Gus G (former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist), and many more.

  • "The sE Gemini II is a go-to mic for me. This is the first mic that I try on vocalists, and usually the one that I end up using on the artist. The “in-your-face” factor, crystal clear and crispy sound, and the excellent smooth and velvet top-end is amazing."

    — Dani G. (Studio / Live Sound Engineer, Producer)
  • "The sE8 stereo pair is a perfect weapon for most of the situations, specially talking about high frequency material like strings, woodwinds or cymbals. Wherever I use it in live or studio situations, this works!"

    — Dani G. (Studio / Live Sound Engineer, Producer)
  • "Unless I need really close vocals for a quiet singer, I always place the Gemini II down angled between the singers forehead and nose, a couple of palms away, and I never use a pop filter. Though my room is quite big, I’m not running into many issues due to reflections, but from time to time I will use the Reflexion Filter Pro if I feel that the track has to be even more isolated."

    — Dani G. (Studio / Live Sound Engineer, Producer)