Drummer, Arch Enemy

Daniel Erlandsson is the drummer in the melodic death metal band Arch Enemy

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His early work includes drumming on the In Flames album ‘Subterranean’. He has also played for other bands, most notably Eucharist, Liers in Wait, Diabolique, Armageddon (featuring Christopher Amott of Arch Enemy), Revengia and The End.

  • "The sE V Series captures all the attack and tone of my drums with amazing clarity and transparency.”

    — Daniel Erlandsson (Drummer, Arch Enemy)
  • “Their ultra-compact design - paired with the ingenious addition of the V CLAMPs - makes it extremely easy to set up quickly and get going…also, add a stereo pair of sE8’s to capture the brightness and articulation of your cymbals!”

    — Daniel Erlandsson (Drummer, Arch Enemy)