Recording / Mixing Engineer, Producer

Rancho de la Luna, located in Joshua Tree, CA, has been in operation since 1993

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We have hosted such incredibly diverse artists as Daniel Lanois, Victoria Williams, Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, Afghan Whigs, earthlings?, Mojave Lords, Mark Lanegan, Foo Fighters, and many more.”

  • "I use my sE mics on every session. Some are switched out here and there, but they're always nearby and at the ready."

    — David Catching (Recording / Mixing Engineer, Producer)
  • “I hadn’t thought of buying a really nice mic in a long time, because I have all the mics I need. But then the RNT came along and of course, immediately blew me away! I had to buy it.”

    — David Catching (Recording / Mixing Engineer, Producer)
  • "The Gemini is another of my favorite mics for so many reasons. it can be used for clarity, or pushed for huge, warm sounds that intensify whatever is nearby."

    — David Catching (Recording / Mixing Engineer, Producer)