FOH Mixing Engineer

Dennie is a Nashville, TN based FOH Mixer and Systems Engineer

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His company, Miller Audio Industries, has been bringing music to the masses with a wide range of clients such as Miguel, Volbeat, The 1975, Godsmack, the legendary Bob Dylan and more.

  • "The sE4400's really add a crisp realism to the overall drum kit. It's the difference between just hearing the kit, and feeling like you could reach out and touch it."

    — Dennie Miller (FOH Mixing Engineer)
  • "The V7 has replaced a lot of microphones for me on stage and in the studio. It's become a favorite of mine to achieve a thick punchy snare drum, and its wireless capsule counterpart is fantastic for a female vocal."

    — Dennie Miller (FOH Mixing Engineer)
  • "The VR1 ribbon microphone is a game changer - not only does it sound fantastic, but it is robust enough to stand up to the rigors of touring."

    — Dennie Miller (FOH Mixing Engineer)
  • "As ribbon mics go, this is my new choice for touring applications. It provides incredible fidelity that some microphones struggle to provide, even at three times the cost."

    — Dennie Miller (FOH Mixing Engineer)