Actor, Singer-Songwriter

Drew Sarich is an American actor/singer/songwriter based in Vienna. His career can be summed up in one word: versatility. Drew’s fearlessness and curiosity are equaled by his love for melody and storytelling. He has spent his career working with a wide spectrum of artists, from Alan Menken to Pete Townsend, from Liza Minnelli to Elton John and Bernie Taupin, from Alfie Boe to Dave Stewart.

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Drew has toured the world as a backup singer, starred on Broadway and London’s West End, and ranks among the top Musical Theatre performers in Europe today. Drew has released eight studio recordings, five of which with his band, Das Endwerk Orchester.

  • "The Gemini II finds depth, shimmer, shadow and shine in every sound I produce. It lifts my voice and my guitar like no other microphone I’ve used!"

    — Drew Sarich (Actor, Singer-Songwriter)
  • "I could be playing a role onstage, or working on my own music in the studio. The goal remains the same. Expression. sE Electronics understands that."

    — Drew Sarich (Actor, Singer-Songwriter)
  • "My sE 2300’s durable construction, plug and play accessibility and super smooth response to every vocal dynamic, make it a fantastic travel companion in every setting."

    — Drew Sarich (Actor, Singer-Songwriter)