Violinist, Composer, Producer

Filip Jančik is a modern Violinist, Composer and Producer based in Vienna.

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Filip has performed in more than 15 countries around the world, with his own violin project, and co-worked with various world famous artists such as Avril Lavigne.

  • "The RNR1 is pure magic on solo violin, and other stringed instruments."

    — Filip Jančik (Violinist, Composer, Producer)
  • "The sound is smooth, very can even feel the wood of the violin. It sounds warm and round with a beautifully airy top end that other ribbons can only dream of. Definitely unique and incomparable to other ribbons."

    — Filip Jančik (Violinist, Composer, Producer)
  • "With the RF Space you can create your professional space anytime and everywhere in a few seconds. Significant improvement, big step up for reasonable price."

    — Filip Jančik (Violinist, Composer, Producer)