Music Producer, Sound Designer, Touring Musician

Anthony Catacoli is an accomplished musician, music producer and sound designer born in Queens, NY

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Over the years, Anthony has produced and written hit songs in the Spanish Contemporary Christian Music market.

  • "I don't think you'll ever get this much value in a mic. The V7 sounds better than mics that cost 5X more! The unreal rejection is key in live worship environments for less bleed from toms and cymbals, on a loud stage; V7 for the win!"

    — Anthony Catacoli (Generación 12)
  • “You will never find a small-diaphragm condenser like the RN17, with crystal clear highs and zero harshnesses! Overheads are essential for drums in live recordings, and the image the RN17 captures is beautifully detailed. Studio acoustic guitar recordings, strings, and pianos, all recorded with warmth and color. It's the subtle details that I love about the sE / Rupert Neve collaboration. Definitely a modern classic."

    — Anthony Catacoli (Generación 12)
  • "I went with the T2 over the standard 414's. The T2's low-end is beautifully round, and the highs are always clear. Since the change, the T2’s have delivered what I expected but without the mid-hump. They're great for live ambient & choir recordings, once you're ready to replace the old ‘standard!’"

    — Anthony Catacoli (Generación 12)