Recording / Production Studio

Grindhouse Studios Athens is a recording and production facility in the center of Athens / Greece, owned by distinguished engineer and producer George Bokos

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Also known from his worldwide touring appearance as a guitar player in the legendary metal act Rotting Christ (2005 – 2012). Grindhouse Studios offers production, mixing, mastering services and focuses on the rock/metal genre. During the last 15 years Grindhouse Studios Athens has offered their services to bands and artists from all over Europe and abroad.

With over 100 albums under his hood, George Bokos has worked with various artists from metal and rock genres such as Melechesh, George Kollias, Nightstalker, Stone Cold Dead, Rotting Christ, Costin Chioreanu, Wolfheart, and many more!

  • "The sE mics I used on this session, gave me exactly what I had in mind in the first place, pure and three-dimensional sound with clarity and detail. My idea was to capture all the instruments in the most minimal way possible, to give the song an organic feeling and retain the natural nuances of the performance."

    — George Bokos (Recording / Production Studio)
  • “For a minimalistic approach on drum recording I used only three RNR1 ribbons, two overheads with the bottom of the mics facing each other and one above the kick drum facing the snare with the addition of a guitaRF Reflexion Filter. Try experimenting with a minimalistic approach and always explore new approaches to recording!”

    — George Bokos (Recording / Production Studio)
  • “The Gemini II is my go to microphone especially for female vocals. It shinned on Tonia’s recording for the sEssions video of the Nightstalker song cover, “Voodoo You Do.” Tonia has an outstanding voice and the Gemini II inspired her to perform at her highest level. This is what every artist is looking for and as an engineer, I can’t ask for anything more than that satisfaction.”

    — George Bokos (Recording / Production Studio)