Gergő Borlai is a professional drummer originally from Hungary, living in Los Angeles, USA. Gergő has appeared on more than 500 albums, received two Lifetime Achievement Awards and two "Gold Record Awards," as well as the Golden Drumstick Prize and the Artisjus Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Besides being a band member and session/studio musician on world-renowned productions with Grammy Award-winning musicians, Gergő has also become a clinician/educator all over the globe.

Some of the notable artists Gergő has performed with and recorded for all over the planet: Gary Willis (USA), Jimmy Haslip (USA), Guthrie Govan (GB), Scott Kinsey (USA), Jeff Lorber (USA), Scott Henderson (USA), Nathan East (USA), Dean Brown (USA), Vinnie Moore (USA), Jeff Beal (USA), Matthew Garrison (USA), Tom Scott (USA), Bob Mintzer (USA), Hiram Bullock (USA), L. Shankar (India), Tony McAlpine (USA), Vernon Reid (USA), Terry Bozzio (USA), Al DiMeola (USA), Hadrien Feraud (F), Yolanda Charles (GB) and many more!

  • “sE microphones have all the best options in the best quality, what a musician/sound engineer expects in the 21st century.”

    — Gergő Borlai (Drummer)
  • “The V BEAT is a super versatile microphone. I’m using them on my toms and they have very low crosstalk while capturing exactly what my tom sounds like in person. AND, the mounting system is the best on the market!”

    — Gergő Borlai (Drummer)
  • “The VR1 is a very manageable microphone. I’m using it as an overhead mic and it gives me the exact natural sound - just what I wanna hear from above my drums.”

    — Gergő Borlai (Drummer)
  • “The V7X is just a perfect microphone for snare. It gives all the good and workable frequencies and most importantly, the transients.“

    — Gergő Borlai (Drummer)
  • “The sE 4400a microphone is a very sensitive tool. This mic is very useful if you want to get ambient sound from your whole drum set. If I could use only one microphone to record drums, that would be the 4400!!!”

    — Gergő Borlai (Drummer)