FOH / MON Engineer, Drummer

I was born in 1954, and started playing drums at age 15...I became a sound engineer through learning by doing.

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I studied photography and film, and began playing drums as a pro in a German rock band for a couple of years in the early 80s; the band had their own PA gear and I got in close touch with microphones, mixing desks, PA gear, etc…I became a sound engineer through learning by doing.

Being a jazz fan forever, I luckily got in touch with Jan Garbarek over our joint concert agency, and have been working for Jan Garbarek as MON and FOH engineer since 1985.

I have now worked with Jan Garbarek (for 32 years), Curtis Stigers, Dhafer Youssef, Manu Katché, Maria Joao, Mario Laginha, Beady Belle, Rabih Abou-Khalil, Joachim Kühn, Vienna Teng, Christina Branco, Ketil Björnstad, Trilok Gurtu´s Crazy Saints, Ida Sand, Rigmor Gustaffson, Nana Vasconcelos, United Jazz & Rock Ensemble, and many more.

For some reason ribbon microphones never came to mind when I was choosing microphones for the concerts of those artists I work for.

I have used almost every microphone that money could buy since I’m involved in musical events, either as a musician or a sound engineer over more than 40 years, but a ribbon has not been under it.

  • "I thought the VR1 would be something you can only use in the recording wrong was I!"

    — Gert Rickman-Wunderlich (FOH / MON Engineer, Drummer)
  • "Today I use my sE Electronics VR1 and X1 R pairs - especially for drum overheads and percussion, but also for grand piano and electric guitar. On all these applications they do a great job. They give me a truly realistic and natural sound of the instrument."

    — Gert Rickman-Wunderlich (FOH / MON Engineer, Drummer)
  • "I really love the mellow highs they provide me with, especially on cymbals - condenser mics often tend to sound a bit harsh."

    — Gert Rickman-Wunderlich (FOH / MON Engineer, Drummer)
  • "I really like getting a full drum set sound directly from the overhead microphones - sE Electronics ribbon mics have these distinctive mellow highs and full bodied low-mids and lows that make them so extremely attractive to me. They give me the sound I like."

    — Gert Rickman-Wunderlich (FOH / MON Engineer, Drummer)
Gert's sE gear