Metal Drummer

Igor “Reich” Kovalenko is a fast and energetic metal drummer from Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Starting at a young age and over years of drumming, Igor has toured and collaborated with several notable metal bands such as Blame (UA), Crucify Me Gently (UA), Nabaath (UA), Provocateur(UA) amongst many others.

  • "sE mics are the ideal addition to my drum kit - as the toms and cymbals are very close to each other. The sE V SERIES provides me maximum clear sound with the best possible dynamic range in my music."

    — Igor “Reich” Kovalenko (Metal Drummer)
  • "Using the V PACK ARENA, you don’t need any tips or tricks - you just mount the mics and play, as I do."

    — Igor “Reich” Kovalenko (Metal Drummer)
  • "The V SERIES drum mics capture my true drum sound clearly and precisely. Plus, the V CLAMP is so easy to mount on a tom!"

    — Igor “Reich” Kovalenko (Metal Drummer)