Father and Son Singer-Songwriter Duo

Unique Father and Son Singer Songwriters - first seen on Britain’s Got Talent, becoming Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer for the emotive performance of their original song "The Lucky One's."

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Previously a signed Songwriter & Producer, Tim (A.K.A T.Jay) proudly racked up several number one Singles, platinum / gold albums, two time Aria Nominated artist, along with TV and Film Credits. From 11 years old, Jack was equally impressing at such a young age, with semi-final Wins on the VoiceKids and a 12-month contract in the West End playing with lead Guitarist Zack Mooneyham in Andrew Lloyd Webbers’ “School Of Rock.”

  • “I've personally been using sE Mics for over 10 years now, and literally anything I throw in front of them, I know I'm going to get a clean, warm, transparent and truly honest sound back through my monitors - a joy to use!"

    — Tim (Singer-Songwriter)
  • “We love to record everything with a mic if we can… so before you reach for those standard samples, a tip for great sounding live claps and stomps is select omni directional mode on the z5600 and get your friends (or whoever in the studio that can count to 4 LOL) around the mic and press record! Track that baby a few times for super thick claps and stomps! Also works great with acoustic guitars to get that E.L.O and Phil Spector wall of sound vibe."

    — Tim (Singer-Songwriter)
  • “With Acoustic guitars I often get asked what I did to to get the acoustic sounding so real! (I’d love to take the credit) but it really is as simple as placing the z5600 a few inches away from the 12th fret and playing well. If it’s a little boomy try dropping a little low end with the filter. Lastly, play with the mic placement, sometimes the particular guitar may respond well to a different placement. So, experiment a little, thats the fun!!! But either way, I can assure you the z5600 will be true to whatever is placed in front of it."

    — Tim (Singer-Songwriter)
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