Emmy-Winning Composer, Recording / Mixing Engineer, Producer

I started my career, as most producers / writers do, in bands touring the country. Having the luxury of being in a lot of studios, and getting to watch bigger name producers, I quickly realized that this is where I was destined to be - so I completely switched gears in 2005 and bought a very simple studio set up and sought out to teach myself what all of those knobs did.

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I didn’t have any formal training, which I still see as a plus and a minus. I produced a lot of records for several years and accidentally started a record label that had some minor success for being run by one producer! Through that venture I signed and produced artists Jesse Thomas, The Young Romans, Go Tell The Eskimo, Gideon Brown, Javier Dunn and a couple of others.

Along the way I got lucky by having a break in the film / TV licensing world. From there I wrote and produced the end credits to films like “Salmon Fishing In The Yemen” with Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt, as well as Tyler Perry’s ‘The Marriage Counselor’, as well as the end credits for ‘The Darkest Hour’ starring Emile Hirsch. Outside of end credits we’ve licensed hundreds of songs to major motion picture and television, trailers and commercials. I’ll still produce the occasional artist but I’ve found a great niche in writing / recording for picture. I recently joined Apple Music as an executive producer as well.