Drummer, Engineer, Producer

After years of touring and studio sessions, Jon Howells had an inspirational idea back in 2003 to set up a remote online drum and percussion session service with a global reach. One of his main aims when setting up J3T Drum Tracks was to save clients time and money by reducing the need for studio and engineer fees, travel time and costs, as well as studio setup time.

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In response to offering this innovative service, his client list at J3T Drum Tracks now numbers over 500 worldwide, ranging from both up-and-coming and established artists, bedroom producers, record companies, to audio sample and gaming software companies, to Hollywood film composers.

To date, Jon has had the privilege of remotely recording drums and percussion for over 6,000 tracks, samples and cues for artists, songwriters, producers, composers and companies including 8DIO, Warner/Chappell, EMI, BMG, Extreme, Universal Music, Netflix, Walt Disney, BBC, Film On 4.  His expert remote studio process has also enabled him to record remotely with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the London Chamber Orchestra, the London Session Orchestra and the LA Session Orchestra.

  • “The warmth, character and transparency that I get from my VR1 ribbon pair is mind-blowing. They effortlessly elevate my drum and percussion sessions to a whole new level. Always a conversation piece with my clients.”

    — Jon Howells (Drummer, Engineer, Producer)
  • “I was blown away after plugging in the V KICK mic for the first time. It’s absolutely effortless to achieve a killer sound without even trying. On top of this, you also have the switches to take it from classic to modern. It really is two mics for the price of one.”

    — Jon Howells (Drummer, Engineer, Producer)
  • “The depth, attack and warmth that I get from the V BEAT mics really captures the authentic tone of my drums and percussion. Along with this, the V CLAMP is the most sturdy, unobtrusive and mobile drum mic clamp on the market.”

    — Jon Howells (Drummer, Engineer, Producer)