Singer-Songwriter, Recording / Mixing Engineer

I'm a recording artist based out of Portland, Oregon, and the principal songwriter and singer for the band Typhoon

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More recently, I have collaborated on a film project called Book of Matches with Portland filmmaker Matthew Thomas Ross and released my first solo effort, “What Will Destroy You.”

  • "I regularly use the RN17s, 4400a, and Reflexion Filters. I'm a big fan of the RN17 on acoustic guitar, piano, room mics, and strings. They have a luxurious top-end that I would usually achieve with a Pultec style EQ."

    — Kyle Morton (Singer-Songwriter, Recording / Mixing Engineer)
  • "I also had a pair of 4400s for the recording of WWDY. We put them to work on everything - especially vocals and drums. Also, the build quality of these microphones is amazing."

    — Kyle Morton (Singer-Songwriter, Recording / Mixing Engineer)
  • "The hypercardioid setting for mic'ing electric guitar amps is extremely tasty."

    — Kyle Morton (Singer-Songwriter, Recording / Mixing Engineer)