FOH Touring Engineer

Lance is entering his 20th year of international touring and FOH mixing. Since 2012 he has mixed FOH for Mercury Prize-winning, GRAMMY®-nominated group alt-J, initially joining the band for their very first US club tour.

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In 2015, alt-J earned the #3 spot on Songkick’s “hardest working band” list, having played 133 shows, travelling 188,569 kilometers…including sold-out shows at New York’s Madison Square Garden and London’s O2 Arena, as well as notable main stage festival appearances at Coachella and Glastonbury.

  • "For alt-J, I use the sE4400a on drums. Though it may look like I'm merely mic'ing the tambourine, the 4400a offers a nice picture of the entire drum kit, adding depth and clarity with smooth high frequencies."

    — Lance Reynolds (FOH Touring Engineer)
  • "The toy glockenspiel is mic'd with an sE5, capturing a nice twinkle. And I'm using an sE1a on the snare bottom. A condenser may seem like an odd choice for such a loud source, but it produces an interesting voice that you wouldn't get from a dynamic mic. It does take a beating, but so far it has held up well."

    — Lance Reynolds (FOH Touring Engineer)
  • "I also keep an sEX1 in my mic a sort of "Swiss Army" mic. I've used it on guitar cabs, bass cabs, drum overheads, works on just about everything."

    — Lance Reynolds (FOH Touring Engineer)