Drummer, Music Director, Producer

Heavily influenced by 90’s hip-hop giants such as Finsta Bundy, DJ Premier, Slum Village, Basement Khemist and Shadez of Brooklyn, NYC native Lenny “The Ox” Reece piggybacked off likened styles to communicate his own experiences through music. Lenny’s relationship with the drums is a kinship, a vessel for which much of his feelings, interactions and major life events have been channeled.

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The Ox is best known for his unconventional and sometimes contentious, “glitchy” style anchored by a strong backbeat. Lenny’s mainstream success includes touring Music Director and/or drummer to: Jeremih, Demi Lovato, DJ Premier, Run DMC, Lunchmoney Lewis, M.O.P, Kimbra, Joey Bada$, Terror Jr. and SuperDuperKyle.

Lenny’s greatest personal accomplishment is forming and leading The Lesson GK. The vibrantly eclectic 7-member group’s live performances are mostly improvised and create a raw, alive experience. Their overarching sound is often described as experimental hip-hop and progressive soul. The Lesson GK’s debut album released Summer 2021.

  • “I've been using the V SERIES on-tour and in my studio. Simply put, I LOVE THEM!"

    — Lenny "The OX" Reece (Drummer, Music Director, Producer)
  • "The V7 X is an absolute beast on snare. I’m really happy with the vibe and it almost mixes itself!”

    — Lenny "The OX" Reece (Drummer, Music Director, Producer)
  • “My V BEATS have the perfect amount of rejection and isolation, giving me the tone I’m looking for!”

    — Lenny "The OX" Reece (Drummer, Music Director, Producer)