Guitarist, Producer, Songwriter

Lewis Allen is a Live and Session Guitarist, Producer, Songwriter and Mix Engineer from the UK

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Lewis is currently playing guitar for Sam Smith and Liam Payne and has played for renowned artists such as Jessie J, The Saturdays, Pixie Lott and many others in a career spanning 17 years. Lewis’ studio credits include notable artists like Mabel, Zayn Malik, Jessie J, Liam Payne and many more.

  • "On vocals, the RNT is killer. It’s not trying to emulate a vintage valve microphone; it has its own unique sound. A little tip with the RNT is to experiment with source distances."

    — Lewis Allen (Guitarist, Producer, Songwriter)
  • "I managed to get my hands on the RNT mic and was blown away. The detail on this mic is incredible. It adds warmth but is still razor sharp and sits so well in the mix straight away without much fuss. Whether it’s acoustic guitars, vocals, string instruments or wind, this mic has become my go to choice displacing some pretty heavy weight mics in the process."

    — Lewis Allen (Guitarist, Producer, Songwriter)
  • "I've also been using the SE Reflexion Filter at my home studio where the room is a little more lively due to not being as sound proofed as my main studio. Its amazing how it soaks up all the unwanted room reflections. I can now achieve recordings at home that can be used in my final productions which makes my workflow so much quicker!"

    — Lewis Allen (Guitarist, Producer, Songwriter)
  • "The mic reacts differently, the closer or further away I am - unlike any mic I’ve used. If you find you’re not getting the sound you desire, try moving away from the mic in ten-centimeter increments rather than just adjusting the gain right away. Some of my favorite vocal sounds have come from artists singing 25-45cm from the mic. I’ve been swapping and changing mics much less during sessions since using this technique."

    — Lewis Allen (Guitarist, Producer, Songwriter)
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