Flutist, Recording / Mixing Engineer, Educator

Luis Orden currently teaches at the C.P.M. "Cristóbal de Morales" in Seville, Spain.

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Luis has recorded several albums, one of flute solos for Pearl Flutes, two with the world famous Sevillian guitarist Mª Esther Guzmán and four with the ensemble of contemporary music “Solistas de Sevilla.” He has also collaborated with numerous artists and has participated in countless albums as a musician in studios across the globe.

  • "I have recorded my latest album 'Ripples Over Time' with my new sE8 mics. These mics have obtained an absolutely clear and natural sound from my flute. I am very happy with them."

    — Luis Orden (Flutist, Recording / Mixing Engineer, Educator)
  • "Recording a solo flute CD, commissioned by Pearl Flutes, has been a demanding challenge. However, the outcome could not have been better: a clear, rich, and, at the same time, warm sound. I am very happy with the results. Congratulations, sE!"

    — Luis Orden (Flutist, Recording / Mixing Engineer, Educator)
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