Multi-Percussionist, Composer, Hans Zimmer

Luis Ribeiro is a Brazilian Multi-Percussionist living in Vienna, Austria for over 20 years

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Since Luis began his career as a musician, he has worked with some of the world’s most renowned artists such as Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer, Ricky Martin, Gloria Gaynor, Jose Feliciano, Opera singer Juan Diego Flores, Brian McNight & Deborah Cox at Hollywood in Vienna, and Jazz great – Randy Brecker to name a few.

Whether performing live on stage, on a TV Show, or lending his skills in a recording session, Luis still makes time to pass on his passion for playing and superb technique when teaching at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts.

  • "sE mics are with me whether I'm in the studio or playing live. The V KICK and V BEAT are compact, easy to travel with and pack a punch!"

    — Luis Ribeiro (Multi-Percussionist, Composer, Hans Zimmer)
  • "I love the warm sound and excellent build quality. I know my mics can handle touring and when I’m in the studio, I know my playing will sound like me, with no coloration."

    — Luis Ribeiro (Multi-Percussionist, Composer, Hans Zimmer)
  • "If you are a Multi-Percussionist, you will be surprised by how versatile the sE8 can be!"

    — Luis Ribeiro (Multi-Percussionist, Composer, Hans Zimmer)