Guitarist, Harmonica Player

Malcolm Arison, aka Hank Williamson, was born in Manchester/UK. He has been playing the blues harp and guitar since he was 14 years old.

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Malcolm left England as a teenager and travelled with his guitar and harp to perform as a street musician throughout Europe; this shaped his playing ability for which he is distinguished today.

In 2006 Malcolm joined the successful German band The BossHoss where he plays blues harp, mandolin and the guitar. Since then he has been touring and recording with the band but also finds time for composing music (mainly for cinema) or playing together with other musicians.

Malcolm plays and tours for the Austrian top star Andreas Gabalier on his MTV Unplugged project, he is also a regular guest with the „Sing meinen Song, Das Tauschkonzert“ Band, a popular series of concerts in TV where several stars interpret each other’s hits. Furthermore Malcolm appeared in the Pro-7-Show “The Voice of Germany” as the musical advisor of Alec Völkel and Sascha Vollmer (The BossHoss).

  • "As a working musician who needs a reliable, accurate and robust set-up for recording his songs and ideas, I am very satisfied with sE microphones!"

    — Malcolm Arison (Guitarist, Harmonica Player)
  • "These solidly made and highly aesthetic mics enable me to put down a layout on guitar, vocal and harmonica which immediately sounds vital and modern."

    — Malcolm Arison (Guitarist, Harmonica Player)