Country / Americana Singer-Songwriter, Producer

Matt Koziol is a Country/Americana songwriter-producer out of Nashville, TN. Currently writing for Prescription Songs, he has been a guitarist and live performer for over 10 years. He has released 4 artist projects as well as been a writer/session guitarist on major label and indie albums.

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As a guitar player, I was really excited about the VR1. Every studio I’ve been in will always have a very standard mic set up for cabs, and it’s to make sure you get that high end clarity with the thunder lows. The VR1 does it all in one! It’s been so nice to keep it on my guitar cab at home and readily available! I know that when I track, I won’t have to be searching for more high end frequency to get the air I need. This mic is built for the road as well! Completely sturdy and small enough so that it won’t be invasive on the stage!