Film / TV Composer

Matthijs Kieboom has been an active composer for film and TV since 2009. His style can be described as thematic and melodic and in terms of sound it is a boundless fusion of genres & unique sounds.

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In his music, Matthijs uses special instruments, orchestras and ensembles, trying to find a unique sound for each production.

Matthijs has written the scores for productions such as the very popular English series VAN DER VALK, feature films like MESKINA, PIRATES DOWN THE STREET (2020 & 2022), HEMELRIJKEN, and the nature documentaries WOLF and WILD.

In 2011, Matthijs received the Young Composer Award at the Transatlantyk Film Festival (founded by the Oscar winning composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek), he also received the Young Talent Award in Krakow at the FMF, won the Buma Film Music Award for the score of the successful film LOVING IBIZA and was nominated for the prestigious International Film Music Critics Association Award for his score to WILD.

In addition to being a composer, Matthijs is also an orchestrator, and he is the principal teacher “Film and Game composition” at the ArtEz conservatory in Enschede.

  • "The sE2200 and sE8 Stereo Pair are great and affordable!"

    — Matthijs Kieboom (Producer, Film & TV Composer)
  • "I love the clear and transparent sound, which is very useful when you record different types of instruments within a short period of time, which happens a lot in my film scoring process."

    — Matthijs Kieboom (Producer, Film & TV Composer)