Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter, Producer

Moody (Mohammad Moussavi) is an Iranian Rock Guitarist, Singer, Composer, and Music Producer.

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He picked up the guitar at 12, inspired by video game Guitar Hero III and Slash. After playing for a few years with a handful of bands, he started his solo career and released his first Album, “Food Court,” in 2019-2020 in which he composed, played, and sang. Apart from his own works, he has been featured in many other artist’s songs and albums.

  • "I've been working with microphones the majority of my life. But the first time I heard myself through the RNT, It was an entirely different experience. She's a keeper!"

    — Moody Moussavi (Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter)
  • "I always try to bend the rules and swim against the tide. So naturally, if there's any potential that says ‘this product is designed for guitar amps,’ then I cant help but use it for some other purpose! I came up with an idea to use the T2 to capture my electric guitar as an acoustic instrument and inserted that line into my pedal chain… it sounds freaking fantastic - give it a try!"

    — Moody Moussavi (Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter)