Award-Winning Flute / Winds Soloist

Pedro Eustache is a Venezuelan-born, US citizen and a multidirectional award-winning flute/winds soloist, wind-synthesist. He is a composer, lecturer/educator/researcher, with extensive academic studies and decades of professional experience.

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Mr. Eustache holds diplomas in Classical flute from the “Héctor Berlioz” Conservatoire & L’École de Musique d’Asnières (Paris, France), and advanced flute studies with Mtro. Aurèle Nicolet (Basel-Switzerland); and Jazz B.F.A. & M.F.A. from the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia.

He has years of Orchestral Symphonic experience (founder of El Sistema’s “Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra,” Venezuela), and a collection of around 600 musical instruments that include many custom, one-of-a-kind pieces, designed and built by himself. As a wind synthesist, he has a significant analog & digital & DAW-based studio, with both sought-after vintage gear & cutting edge new digital plugins. Mr. Eustache is the main performer for IMPOXPLUS’ “Respiro” (advanced PM softsynth), as well as endorsing several Eurorack modular analog as WMD, Erica Synths, Elby Designs, and Klavis modular, among others.

Mr. Eustache has concertized/recorded/toured with remarkable artists, composers & producers such as Sir Paul McCartney, Sir John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Dr. James Newton, Gustavo Dudamel, Michael Giacchino, Alex Acuña, Yanni, Anoushka Shankar, Googoosh, John Debney, James Newton Howard, John Powell, Herb Alpert, Thomas Newman, Ramin Djawadi, Shenkar, Alexandre Desplat, Danny Elfman, and many more. He is also the first-call world-winds soloist in the L.A. recording studios, with over 120 film-TV-videogame soundtracks, like: “The Passion of the Christ”, “The Lion King 2”, “Munich”, “Indiana Jones IV”, “Coco”, “Game of Thrones”, among others.

  • "Adding the sE Reflexion Filter Space behind the RNR1 makes a world of difference! …In fact, I could not have the same results without it, due to the way it both cleans & tightens up my sound before sending it into my DAW."

    — Pedro Eustache (Award-Winning Flute / Winds Soloist)
  • "Since July 2019, EVERYTHING I have recorded in my studio is based on sE microphones. Starting with the 'deceptively simple looking' ribbon X1R: I recorded all world winds for the full 'El Sueño de Toledo' show of Spain’s famous amusement park, a massive project!!! 'One of 500' video game teasers, all orchestral flutes & world winds, as well as all world flutes & duduks for two HUGE coming movie soundtracks by genius film music composer Hans Zimmer. The mics give me that natural, warm sound that I am looking for in my recordings."

    — Pedro Eustache (Award-Winning Flute / Winds Soloist)
  • "The sE Electronics RNR1 is an absolute masterpiece… it captures the full range of my instruments in a stunning, extraordinarily detailed way… It has become MY de facto #1 microphone choice for everything since I got it… I recently used it in two full movie soundtracks, my next solo —and several other— projects, covering both orchestral setting (all flutes, piccolo), as well as World Winds (Duduk, Neys, Bansuris, South-American Moceño, etc.)… IT IS AN AMAZING MASTERPIECE!"

    — Pedro Eustache (Award-Winning Flute / Winds Soloist)