Actor, Composer, Singer

Per Fredrik Pellek Åsly, known as PelleK, is a Norwegian actor, composer and singer, best known in the rock & metal scene for his four-octave vocal range. He runs the world's most popular metal-related channel on YouTube.

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PelleK’s YouTube channel includes over 1.6 million subscribers, and his songs and music videos are played frequently in metal programming on TV and radio (predominantly in Europe, Japan and South America).

In 2016, PelleK upgraded to a custom-engraved Gemini II.

  • "The X1 was the first condenser mic I ever got. I used it on my first albums and first 350 YouTube videos. These videos have been seen by more than 200 million people."

    — PelleK (Actor, Composer, Singer)
  • "The X1 sounds great - I'd recommend it to anyone who can't quite afford the Gemini and who wants to record serious vocals."

    — PelleK (Actor, Composer, Singer)
  • "As a matter of fact, on many video sites and streaming sites the music is compressed so much to save bandwidth, and is converted to formats that don't really show off what the Gemini can do anyway - so for people who want to produce solely for the internet, the X1 is a very good choice."

    — PelleK (Actor, Composer, Singer)