Rock'n'Roll Band

Reverend Backflash is a classic four-piece Rock'n'Roll band based in Vienna

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Not holding themselves back with trending styles, these boys unflinchingly cherish their ’77 Punk attitude, determined not to give up on their affinity to Powerpop and Country. Addicted to the Ramones, in love with Cheap Trick and fucked by Kiss, this is the sound that will make you go the extra mile at any party. So let your guard down and prepare for a Rock Show your friends will talk about for ages.

  • "We use the V7 for all our live vocals. Even with high stage volumes, feedback is not an issue anymore and the vocals always cut through the mix. Crispy top end with no floppy lows and muddy mids. That's the mic we've been waiting for."

    — Reverend Backflash (Rock'n'Roll Band)
  • "The sE8 on overheads and hi-hats sound perfect ‘out of the box.’ They provide a rich and detailed sound for all our live shows and studio sessions."

    — Reverend Backflash (Rock'n'Roll Band)
  • "sE mics capture an authentic drum tone and they're simple to set up! The V KICK on classic/classic mode, gives a nice low end punch without the ‘clicky,’ modern top end - if we want the kick to punch through the mix a little - we just change the mode to classic/modern - no need to switch microphones for various sounds."

    — Reverend Backflash (Rock'n'Roll Band)