Electronic Band

Since 2010, Terra Lopez has been touring and releasing music. Her work with Sister Crayon and now Rituals of Mine has allowed her to share the stage with Built to Spill, DEFTONES, Tricky, Antemasque, Le Butcherettes, and many others, in addition to releasing the independent Bellow (2011) and Cynic (2013).

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Other artists with whom Terra has worked: The Glitch Mob, Omar Rodriguez- Lopez, Busdriver, Sims, P.O.S., Wes Jones, The Album Leaf, Built to Spill and more.

Along the way, she has earned praise from The BBC, Pitchfork, The Fader, Rolling Stone and more for the project’s ghostly 21st century trip hop séance of soulful vocals, heavy beats, and breathy catharsis. In 2016, Rituals of Mine released their debut LP Devoted on Warner Bros. Records.

  • "I am absolutely floored by the versatility of the V7. The way that mic handles the highs while still maintaining the low end qualities of my voice truly stunned me."

    — Rituals of Mine
  • "It's refreshing to be able to sing and focus on just that, with no worries about feedback and drums bleeding through!"

    — Rituals of Mine
  • "The sE Reflexion Filter is a staple in my home studio setup. I can't really even think of a time before I used it because it's such an integral part of my sound now while recording. I urge anyone to make a Reflexion Filter an essential purchase for their studio."

    — Rituals of Mine