Violinist, Composer, Hans Zimmer

Born in the little Republic of Moldova, Rusanda Panfili used her authenticity, passion and proud Eastern European heritage to become one of Europe’s most recognisable and prominent classical musicians. Currently living in Vienna, she has been playing the violin for 26 years, and during her journey she worked alongside superstars like Hans Zimmer, Brian May, Gavin Greenaway, Gabriel Yared, Steve Vai, Valentina Nafornita, Tina Guo, Erwin Schrott, Worakls or Igudesman & Joo.

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Rusanda was admitted to the “Conservatory of Music in Vienna” at the age of 11, as one of the youngest students in the history of the institution. Since then, Rusanda has gone on to perform at numerous classical concerts with international orchestras and performed as a soloist in prestigious festivals such as the Trans-Siberian Festival and many more world-renowned events.

In 2016, Rusanda created “Panfili & Friends” – a group of 6 fantastic musicians, united under the common goal to have fun and combine classical music with international folklore. After 4 years of hard work, numerous concerts and countless hours in the recording studio, “Panfili & Friends” released their first international album – “Primul.”

Through her collaboration with Hans Zimmer, Rusanda performed over 120 concerts in the “Hans Zimmer Live” and “The World of Hans Zimmer” world tours, side by side with A1 musicians such as Guthrie Govan, Lisa Gerard, and Lebo M.

With a view count of over 10 million on her Youtube channel, Rusanda is actively promoting her music to a growing fanbase of 100,000 people worldwide. She is also actively involved in supporting the charity organization “CCF/HHC Moldova,” which helps orphaned Moldovan children and poor families in need.