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The Technology and Applied Composition (TAC) program offers a world-class foundation for a successful career in the diverse and evolving music industry.

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A unique course of study in traditional compositional craft and cutting-edge music technology, TAC trains a new generation of composers who are equally at home in the realm of concert music, film and video game scoring, and sound design. The TAC program produces versatile graduates who thrive as individual artists or as vital members of a creative team.

The TAC program’s partnership with sE is valuable to the students on so many levels. From providing us with equipment to teach microphone patterns, to giving students the tools to record their compositions, to an actual factory visit where one lucky student got to physically see how the mics are assembled and apply them to her sE internship in product development and customer support. Students are learning the art of recording, the technical skills of engineering and gaining business skills to apply their knowledge to a wide range of potential careers and experiences involving their love of music and technology.

Our relationship with sE has provided a well-rounded set of resources and experiences to SFCM TAC students that are simply indispensable to the world class education in music technology and scoring for media we aim to provide.

  • "The RNR1 Active Ribbon Microphones are outstanding and a studio favorite because of their extra wide frequency response. We've had incredible success using RNR1s on a variety of acoustic instruments including guitar, bass clarinet, and flute."

    — SFCM Technology and Applied Composition (TAC)
  • "Taurin [TAC Studio Director] is personally a fan of the sE X1 - it's an extremely versatile and well-built large diaphragm condenser. The sE X1 really shines on vocals and guitars, but we've also had great results using them for foley and any sounds that need to be both full bodied and easy to mix with."

    — SFCM Technology and Applied Composition (TAC)
  • "MaryClare [TAC Program Chair] loves using with the RNR1 on her flute and uses this as her go-to whenever dubbing flute parts into student compositions."

    — SFCM Technology and Applied Composition (TAC)