Drummer, Arranger, Session Musician

Sergey Yuzvik (drummer, arranger, session musician) began his professional career at age 16.

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Sergey is the winner of many international drum competitions and his main genres of playing are Pop, Smooth Jazz, Rock. Sergey has worked with renowned Ukrainian pop artists such as “ALEKSEEV” and Irina Bilyk. As well as collaborated with artists such as Verka Serduchka, Khristina Solovy,Monatik, Laura Marti, Hans Peter Salentin and many others.

  • "I always dreamed of a studio, a place where I can play endlessly. But even more, I wanted to record drums. I used many other microphones in the studio, but not one of them had such characteristics as sE. I fell in love with their sound. Mixing music is a very complicated process, but with sE microphones, this task becomes much easier."

    — Sergey Yuzvik (Drummer, Arranger, Session Musician)
  • "V-BEATS make the drum sound rich and transparent at the same time, so I can minimize the processing of the drums in the mix. As for the V KICK, I really like the modern and classic modes right on the microphone; I have not seen this before, this is a great innovation in pro audio!"

    — Sergey Yuzvik (Drummer, Arranger, Session Musician)