Drummer, Educator, Content Creator

Siros Vaziri is a professional independent drummer & educator from Mariestad, Sweden

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At the age of 25, he is an avid drum teacher, content creator, drum clinician and studio session drummer. At the center of his career lies his bite-sized drum lessons on Instagram and social media, where he’s a highly visible and familiar name to drummers worldwide. As of June 2020, Siros has a combined online following of more than 300,000 avid fans.

  • "As soon as I threw these mics on the kit, I was blown away by how effortlessly good they sounded. Even without any mixing whatsoever, they sound fantastic, especially the VR2's."

    — Siros Vaziri (Drummer, Educator, Content Creator)
  • "The blend of punch, depth, warmth and tone I'm getting out of my drums with my set of sE mics is unlike anything I've experienced before."

    — Siros Vaziri (Drummer, Educator, Content Creator)
  • "For a great foundational drum sound, try a pair of VR2 ribbons as overheads in the Recorderman configuration, and another pair of VR2's as room mics in Mid/Side configuration. With correct placement, dynamics and mixing, you can get REALLY far with only these four mics."

    — Siros Vaziri (Drummer, Educator, Content Creator)