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Creative sound design using unusual objects, productions and scoring

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Sonicmeal is a creative collaboration featuring Fabio Sirna (Producer, Guitarist, Electronic Musician) & Giacomo Maraboli (Sound Designer, Audio Engineer, Bass Player).

  • "Sometimes in our productions we heavily manipulate audio - therefore, we need highly detailed recordings. These are easily obtainable with our sE microphones."

    — Sonicmeal (Sound Designers)
  • "As mobile sound designers we need sturdy and reliable microphones. With sE we’ve found both features at an incredibly affordable price!"

    — Sonicmeal (Sound Designers)
  • "Instead of using a Reflexion Filter only on vocal recordings, we’ve found it useful for sampling purposes, because it helps isolate the sound we need from the environment."

    — Sonicmeal (Sound Designers)
  • "With the sE5 in XY configuration, moving the sound source while recording can give the sound an interesting natural panning effect."

    — Sonicmeal (Sound Designers)