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Sounds of the Underground is the first and only alternative music show focused on featuring up-and-coming talent along side major artists and international talent

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Airing on CBS, Sounds of the Underground was built from the ground up by host, Johnny Zirkel. His experiences of playing in bands and struggling with the politics of the music industry led Johnny to create an environment that is genuinely supportive in bringing exposure to alternative music and the artists that create it.

  • "I thought - You know what, no one gave me a shot, no one gave these bands a shot, let's make something that helps THEM!"

    — Sounds Of The Underground (Television Show, YouTube Channel)
  • "…We used the T2 on acoustic while recording Craig Owens, it captured the acoustic and vocals so naturally that we barely used any of the other mics in the mix!"

    — Sounds Of The Underground (Television Show, YouTube Channel)
  • "…what was really important was that none of the bands on the show paid anything to be there, they didn’t have to win a contest or have people call in – everything was, I found the bands, contacted them, and we put them on TV."

    — Sounds Of The Underground (Television Show, YouTube Channel)